Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camping Fun

In October, we took a weekend camping trip.
Our family/friends, Mark and Amanda Dodd invited
us to join them and Autumn on a camping excursion.
I was later told that this was not "roughing it."

The guys had fun gathering kindling and dead limbs to chop for our evening campfire. It was a perfect time of the year! The days were warm and the evenings were cool. We hiked and dug for diamonds.

This park is notorious for diamond digging. There were about 150 people digging on Saturday. Someone actually found a diamond the size of a chicklet gum that same week! After digging and sifting for hours, we felt like we were part of the California Gold Rush! We decided ahead of time that we would split the assets no matter who found what, and that we would tell no-one of our fortune! A diamond the size of a BB was worth about $70. Are we going back?? Next year!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Enjoying Nature

Now that the weather is a little cooler, Mark and Morgan have enjoyed the park. The "duck park" is close to the library which we patronize bi-weekly. These ducks are so friendly. Mark
was able to get this one to eat from him. We were
so happy to find a duck egg tucked in the rambling grasses
in the shallow water beside a large tree!

Morgan, on the other hand, had no such luck
with getting this duck any closer to her. She
may have honked his beak. She gets so excited
and throws bread at them, hollers, and giggles.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Melissa being tormented by the boys

Youth Camp was fun for both adult and teen. I was one of three adults from church here in Shreveport. We had 7 teens with us. Troy Truitt, as Youth Director for the PNC, did a wonderful job of leading the youth to worship God. It was a great atmosphere for all there. I was so pleased to see kids from all walks of life and from different denominations. It was great to see so many kids of moms and dads that I remember from "the good ole' days" I hope some of you reading this will get inspired for next year. Your kids can be a part! Look it up on Pilgrim Nazarene Church website under Youth Camp.There are also pictures and videos. Healthy breakfast??

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Pet

Daddy gave permission for Mark to get a guinea pig. GREAT!! That's what Mark and I both said, but in two different keys. Mark's was a high C-----greaAAT! Mine was a G minor great! Just what I want, my house to smell like a pet store. But since I am such a wonderful, giving mother (choke, choke) we are having a blast with this "mouse". I want it in the laundry room, but Mark insists that it park next to his bed so he can check on it in the night and reach over and pet him if he needs comfort. Morgan is thrilled! She loves the DVD Stuart Little and is delighted to have him in her house! Morgan persists on throwing wood shavings at the poor thing as she giggles and laughs at it, as it's running around the cage. I think he does like her, because she loves to feed him lettuce and carrots and anything else that is of interest :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jerusalem dinner

These are photos of Mark in his Sunday School class. They took a trip to Naomi's house for dinner. Sis. Beverly Eguia had bread, grapes , olives, figs and "wine" for them to taste. Quite different than pizza and chicken nuggets.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Train Up a Child....."

I wrote about Melissa cooking Mother's Day dinner for me---well, this is where it started. I had to remind myself when I was tempted to tell Morgan, "Stay out of the flour!" Melissa has been making cinnamon rolls and selling them as a fund raiser for Youth Camp. Morgan had been asking to help and I really, Really, REALLY didn't feel like cleaning up a mess. If I want a Mother's Day dinner come 8 years from now when Melissa is gone from home, I am going to have to train Morgan. Yes it was a huge mess, but Morgan had a ball, literally, of dough!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day Dinner

Melissa made dinner for me. I came home from church, actually sat on the love seat and talked to my mother while dinner was being cooked. Melissa and Mark took an hour Saturday evening preparing ahead. Mark helped by peeling potatoes, setting the table and making the KOOL-AID. We usually have iced tea with our dinner, but apparently he thought that something different would be special for a change. I enjoyed brisket (marinated overnight), mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, corn, ranch style jalapeno beans, homemade bread, green salad, fruit salad and chocolate cake. I vote that from now on, they make every Sunday dinner :) They did it all, except for Jay slicing the meat. I didn't lift a finger to help until it was time to wash the dishes. Mark had set the table with my china and crystal goblets. I prefer to have them in one piece, so I kindly told them that since they had done all the work making the meal, I would clean up. I looked at the clock at2:19 as I was hand washing the dishes----wonderful Mother's Day!
Before evening service, Mark made smoothies for us and I enjoyed sitting on the porch with him.
He learned how to make them on Veggie Tales bonus features. He used frozen bananas, fresh strawberries, strawberry/banana yogurt and added a little of the left over fruit salad as a special touch. The pineapple and mandarin oranges did give more flavor! I love my kids!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day

I was treated to a very special Mother's Day song at church Sunday morning. Some of the children sang to the mothers. Of course, Mark did the best job:) . "Miss Jennie" and Marci Eguia worked with the kids and it was so nice! Each child came and escorted their mom up to the platform and then they sang to us. At the conclusion of the song, the children pulled a pink-tipped rose out of a vase and handed one to their mother. LOVELY! This photo shows an encore shot taken Sunday evening.
A Mother is A Special Thing

She waked me in the morning with a tender kiss,
She greets me with a smile that I can't miss;
She's right beside me on the backyard swing,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

She looks at all my schoolwork and she says: "You're smart!"
She makes a picture gallery of all my art;
She knows just how to soothe a bad bee sting,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

Sent from God up above, filled with gentleness and love;
diff'rent from a sister, dad or brother,
That's why she's a mother!

when God decided fathers really need a friend,
He knew the type of person that He ought to send;
A helper who can do most anything,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

For teaching us to love the Lord and pray,
And reading us the Bible every day;
We'd like to take a moment now to sing:
Thanks for being such a special thing!
You're a very, very special thing!

A Mother is a special thing!

Friday, February 15, 2008

"Live from Shreveport"

Maybe with Melissa's help, I will keep you updated with our lives.

We have settled here in Shreveport (actually Bossier) and are finding a routine. We miss our Sherman friends, family and home-school group. The church people here have been so kind and have made us feel welcome. Although it will take some time to feel at home, we are now at least finding our way to Wal-Mart! :) There are at least 7 libraries close and we are scouting to see which one we like best.

The furniture is arranged and the pictures are hung on the walls. Speaking of walls, I have branched out with a different color scheme. Going from basic eggshell tones to a tan/gold for the living room and "city bistro", a dark chocolate/burgundy color, for the dining and master rooms. With a larger home, there are some blank spaces. I have a gargantuan wish list at Hobby Lobby! I have decided that a few green plants would help "the look". Now for a larger budget:)

Until next time.............

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Come on Mom

Hi, this is Melissa.
This is suppose to be my dear mother's blog, but she has been too busy to write. So I, being the sweet loyal, kind daughter that I am, (yea right!!) Am writing the first post for her. Those of you that will please pray for her this is a hard time for her. She's A "neat freak" and hates things to be out of order, which is exactly how they are now. Love and prayers to all, Melissa.