Friday, February 15, 2008

"Live from Shreveport"

Maybe with Melissa's help, I will keep you updated with our lives.

We have settled here in Shreveport (actually Bossier) and are finding a routine. We miss our Sherman friends, family and home-school group. The church people here have been so kind and have made us feel welcome. Although it will take some time to feel at home, we are now at least finding our way to Wal-Mart! :) There are at least 7 libraries close and we are scouting to see which one we like best.

The furniture is arranged and the pictures are hung on the walls. Speaking of walls, I have branched out with a different color scheme. Going from basic eggshell tones to a tan/gold for the living room and "city bistro", a dark chocolate/burgundy color, for the dining and master rooms. With a larger home, there are some blank spaces. I have a gargantuan wish list at Hobby Lobby! I have decided that a few green plants would help "the look". Now for a larger budget:)

Until next time.............

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Come on Mom

Hi, this is Melissa.
This is suppose to be my dear mother's blog, but she has been too busy to write. So I, being the sweet loyal, kind daughter that I am, (yea right!!) Am writing the first post for her. Those of you that will please pray for her this is a hard time for her. She's A "neat freak" and hates things to be out of order, which is exactly how they are now. Love and prayers to all, Melissa.