Sunday, February 10, 2008

Come on Mom

Hi, this is Melissa.
This is suppose to be my dear mother's blog, but she has been too busy to write. So I, being the sweet loyal, kind daughter that I am, (yea right!!) Am writing the first post for her. Those of you that will please pray for her this is a hard time for her. She's A "neat freak" and hates things to be out of order, which is exactly how they are now. Love and prayers to all, Melissa.

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Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey Esther!
Wish I could get Lauren to post on my blog for me!:) Hope your unpacking goes well! Be encouraged!! For about a month after we finally got to come home from the hospital with Andrea I thought I would loose my mind with the mess! I know just how you feel! Hope you are able to get it all together soon! We love you all and would love to see you! Love, Jen