Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day

I was treated to a very special Mother's Day song at church Sunday morning. Some of the children sang to the mothers. Of course, Mark did the best job:) . "Miss Jennie" and Marci Eguia worked with the kids and it was so nice! Each child came and escorted their mom up to the platform and then they sang to us. At the conclusion of the song, the children pulled a pink-tipped rose out of a vase and handed one to their mother. LOVELY! This photo shows an encore shot taken Sunday evening.
A Mother is A Special Thing

She waked me in the morning with a tender kiss,
She greets me with a smile that I can't miss;
She's right beside me on the backyard swing,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

She looks at all my schoolwork and she says: "You're smart!"
She makes a picture gallery of all my art;
She knows just how to soothe a bad bee sting,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

Sent from God up above, filled with gentleness and love;
diff'rent from a sister, dad or brother,
That's why she's a mother!

when God decided fathers really need a friend,
He knew the type of person that He ought to send;
A helper who can do most anything,
Yes, a mother is a special thing!

For teaching us to love the Lord and pray,
And reading us the Bible every day;
We'd like to take a moment now to sing:
Thanks for being such a special thing!
You're a very, very special thing!

A Mother is a special thing!

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