Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Pet

Daddy gave permission for Mark to get a guinea pig. GREAT!! That's what Mark and I both said, but in two different keys. Mark's was a high C-----greaAAT! Mine was a G minor great! Just what I want, my house to smell like a pet store. But since I am such a wonderful, giving mother (choke, choke) we are having a blast with this "mouse". I want it in the laundry room, but Mark insists that it park next to his bed so he can check on it in the night and reach over and pet him if he needs comfort. Morgan is thrilled! She loves the DVD Stuart Little and is delighted to have him in her house! Morgan persists on throwing wood shavings at the poor thing as she giggles and laughs at it, as it's running around the cage. I think he does like her, because she loves to feed him lettuce and carrots and anything else that is of interest :)


Rusty said...

Does this pet have a name? What kind of a rat is it?

Esther said...

Morgan calls it "Mousie", but Mark has named it Juliet. :)