Monday, October 13, 2008

Enjoying Nature

Now that the weather is a little cooler, Mark and Morgan have enjoyed the park. The "duck park" is close to the library which we patronize bi-weekly. These ducks are so friendly. Mark
was able to get this one to eat from him. We were
so happy to find a duck egg tucked in the rambling grasses
in the shallow water beside a large tree!

Morgan, on the other hand, had no such luck
with getting this duck any closer to her. She
may have honked his beak. She gets so excited
and throws bread at them, hollers, and giggles.

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Lisa said...

Hi Esther! So sorry I did not know you posted a comment back to me on your blog. Yes, I do have a blog and a facebook account! Come for a visit...
We missed seeing you all at conf./camp this year. I got to visit and get to know your sis there...that was fun. Would love to stay in contact with you!!!
Take care,