Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day Dinner

Melissa made dinner for me. I came home from church, actually sat on the love seat and talked to my mother while dinner was being cooked. Melissa and Mark took an hour Saturday evening preparing ahead. Mark helped by peeling potatoes, setting the table and making the KOOL-AID. We usually have iced tea with our dinner, but apparently he thought that something different would be special for a change. I enjoyed brisket (marinated overnight), mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, corn, ranch style jalapeno beans, homemade bread, green salad, fruit salad and chocolate cake. I vote that from now on, they make every Sunday dinner :) They did it all, except for Jay slicing the meat. I didn't lift a finger to help until it was time to wash the dishes. Mark had set the table with my china and crystal goblets. I prefer to have them in one piece, so I kindly told them that since they had done all the work making the meal, I would clean up. I looked at the clock at2:19 as I was hand washing the dishes----wonderful Mother's Day!
Before evening service, Mark made smoothies for us and I enjoyed sitting on the porch with him.
He learned how to make them on Veggie Tales bonus features. He used frozen bananas, fresh strawberries, strawberry/banana yogurt and added a little of the left over fruit salad as a special touch. The pineapple and mandarin oranges did give more flavor! I love my kids!


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful meal! I wish I had a Melissa.

SheilaDy said... are as beautiful as you were when we were 8 yeas old!!
Thank you for sharing your pictures!
You have very sweet children!